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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Wonder Woman B-

Slooooooow. Three times during Wonder Woman I almost fell asleep.
Glooooomy. People being gassed to death. Horrors of War. Hero dying.
Expressionless.  Does Wonder Woman have more than one expression? Does she have a personality under there somewhere? Does she ever smile?
Too much to cover. A whole movie could have been made of Wonder Woman facing the changes of the World around her, but instead it's only touched on briefly. Could have/should have been done so much better and in more detail.
What did Wonder Woman know? The writers don't really tell us, we're left to our own imagination to fill in the blanks.
She was made of clay? Seriously? And she never questioned this before?
She learned all about reproduction, and never once said, "Mom, can I meet a man?"
Why didn't someone before the Germans stumble upon this island? Hard to believe they would be the first.
Wonder Woman was sure beautiful, if a little cold.
If her mother knew all about the Real World, wouldn't she know that bows and arrows wouldn't stop them? The Amazons looked kind of precarious, defending their island with bows and arrows. What if a real force came there? Weren't they supposed to be super human or something?
If Wonder Woman killed Aries, why was there still war?
And where are all the other gods, did they take a siesta?

All the negatives aside, Wonder Woman was fun and entertaining, if a little long and nebulous in plot. I have to say it's not my favorite superhero movie, that would be Green Lantern, though I know I'm in the minority about that fact. But then I've been a Green Lantern fan since Junior High, so I'm biased.

The action sequences were fun and entertaining. The explosions were cool. The blimp explosion was awesome. The bad girl poisoner good and creepy.
All in all, it's two and one half hours I will never get back.

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