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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Warning: Star Wars Spoilers ahead.

Where is Star Wars Going? Down a rabbit hole.

I just watched the latest edition of Star Wars, The Last Jedi. To say I was disappointed is to repeat what I've said since the first three movies.

The main characters, Ray Kylo Ren, Finn, even Luke Skywalker, or so bland and characterless to be mind numbing.
The planets they visit; haven't we been to all of them before?
The aliens. Cute little creatures that act like mynocks, but chirp. Boring.
One ship can somehow make it past a battle cruiser's guns and take out all its cannons with no one stopping it? How inept are the stormtroopers after all? Darth Vader would be so pissed.
And Finn, flying down the mouth of a cannon in an attempt that wouldn't have succeeded even if he hadn't been knocked off course.
And how was he able to drag Rose Tico all the way back to the base without one stormtropper taking a shot at him?
Why would Kylo Finn make all the Empire forces stop attacking so he could have a private battle with Luke? Darth Vader wouldn't have, but then Darth Vader was a little brighter than this guy.
Nothing new here.
This movie illustrates the truest axiom in movies, one that I see time and time again.
A movie is only as good as the screenwriting.
My grade: C-.
Thanks for reading.

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